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Pub Early Closures? Thrive with Digital Marketing - Kerplunk Media Digital Marketing Company in Pondicherry

Introduction: In light of the recent election-related mandates, pubs across the city are facing the unprecedented challenge of early closures. Kerplunk Media, a leading digital marketing agency, is at the forefront of navigating these turbulent times. This blog post delves into how digital marketing can turn these restrictions into opportunities for growth and customer engagement.

The Challenge: With fines escalating to ₹50,000 and the looming threat of FIRs and license suspensions, the nightlife industry is under immense pressure. Pubs are now required to close by 10 pm, a significant shift from their usual late-night operations.

Kerplunk Media’s Digital Marketing Strategies:

Social Media to the Rescue: Kerplunk Media recommends a robust social media strategy to keep the conversation going with patrons. Engage with customers through timely updates, virtual events, and interactive content that brings the pub experience to their homes.

Email Marketing Campaigns: Personalized email campaigns can inform loyal customers about new operating hours and services. Kerplunk Media can help craft messages that resonate and reassure your clientele during these changes.

SEO for Visibility: With Kerplunk Media’s expertise in SEO, your pub can rise above the competition and remain visible to those searching for a safe and compliant place to unwind.

Virtual Happy Hours: Host virtual happy hours and online tasting sessions to keep your community connected. Kerplunk Media can assist in setting up these events and promoting them effectively.

Adapting Offers: Introduce early bird specials or takeaway discounts to encourage patronage during the permitted hours. Kerplunk Media’s creative team can help design promotions that align with the current mandates.

Conclusion: Kerplunk Media believes that with the right digital marketing approach, pubs can not only survive but also thrive during these challenging times. It’s about turning obstacles into stepping stones for success.

Call to Action: Contact Kerplunk Media today to discuss how we can support your pub in adapting to these new regulations and keep your business flourishing.


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