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Influencer Marketing agency in Pondicherry


We are India's best influencer marketing agency, bringing together big brands and social media stars to share inspiring tales. For millions of customers to be reached and engaged, we have designed hundreds of campaigns working with the best bloggers, content producers, and influencers. 

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Influencer marketing services in Pondicherry

Kerplunk Media - being a best influencer marketing company in Pondicherry, recommends influencers who are authentic, having good base & having the right set of audience. Planning and Communication is the primary step for creating an influencer campaign

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What is Influencer Marketing?

Influencer marketing is a powerful digital marketing strategy that involves partnering with influential individuals in your industry or niche to promote your brand, products, or services. These influencers, with their large and engaged social media followings, have the ability to sway consumer opinions and drive awareness and sales for your business.

Why does Influencer Marketing give your business better reach?

Influencer marketing offers your business better reach due to the strong influence and loyal following of influencers. These influencers have built trust and credibility among their audience, who often view them as trusted authorities in their respective niches. When influencers endorse your brand or products, their followers are more likely to pay attention, engage with the content, and take desired actions. This results in a wider reach for your brand message, as it extends beyond your existing audience to reach new and highly targeted segments, thereby increasing your brand's exposure, awareness, and potential customer base.

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best digital marketing in pondicherry


With just a little information from you, our team of strategists will start working on your new advertising strategy!

Why Choose Kerplunk Media

Our extensive network and collaborations with influential personalities ensure that we can connect your brand with the right influencers who have a genuine impact and reach. With our robust influencer relationships, we create powerful and authentic influencer marketing campaigns that drive engagement, build brand awareness, and generate impressive results. Trust Kerplunk Media to leverage our exclusive influencer connections and elevate your brand's presence in the digital world. campaign

best influencer marketing company in pondicherry

Our teams are specialists in thinking holistically about influencer marketing strategy and digital content. To create out-of-the-box influencer material, we use data and our own pulse on current cultural issues.  

best influencer marketing company in pondicherry

From macro creators to micro-influencers, our profound connections with top YouTubers, Instagrammers, and other influencers ensure that you not only get the right people to represent your company, but also the best costs.

best influencer marketing company in pondicherry

We get the job done right! We understand how to accomplish your brand objectives and ensure that approved content goes live when it needs to. Track real-time ROI using personalised dashboards that include precise campaign analytics and insights to help you measure your progress.

best influencer marketing company in pondicherry
best influencer marketing company in pondicherry


Speak with one of our digital marketing specialists today. At Kerplunk Media our goal is to find the strategy that suits your business goals

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